1967 Volkswagen Beetle

This is an old model from about 2010 featuring a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle that was going to be cut up and used for a Transformers related fan art piece.  Previously, I had seen many attempts made at modeling a realistic Beetle, and given the complexity of the model I can see why.  With lots of hidden curves and only a handful of relatively flat shapes defining the form, this piece posed quite a challenge, especially in modeling the front and rear fenders.

My aim was to reproduce as faithfully as possible from an assortment of online resources.  This was modeled entirely in modo 401 and later textured in MODO 902 with some custom decals created in Photoshop applied.  While the majority of the model was created for the purpose of being compatible with traditional subdivision surfaces, the door side pouches were sculpted using PSUBs.  Texture creation techniques included the use of procedurals, and image maps with cubic projection. The tiling effect was compensated for by the using both Modo’s occlusion process for controlling edge wear and by painting vertex weight maps.  A special thanks goes out to the Facebook MODO users’ community for invaluable feedback and technical assistance.