Mitsubishi Type 74 Main Battle Tank

Modeled in MODO 902, textured in Substance Painter 2.41, and rendered in both MODO 902 (high resolution model) and Toolbag 2 (low resolution model), the Type 74 was an attempt to see how fast I could pump out a high-quality model gauging how long each part took.  Endeavoring to further familiarize myself with baking good normal map procedures, this has become a challenge in itself.  While this is still technically ‘in-progress’, the modeling end has been finished, taking about 71 hours or so to do the high resolution modeling, and about another 33 hours dedicated to building the low resolution model (though truth be told, the low resolution model is more of a medium resolution model standing at around 205,000 triangles for the polygon count).

One of the biggest challenges modeling-wise are the lack of detailed and up-close references of the top of the turret and some of the substructures that were obscured in photographs and barely visible in the line drawings I had access to.  However, with all things considered, I believe this to be one of the more accurately constructed 3D models of the Type 74 available online.

MODO High Resolution model renders:

type_74_71hours_modeling_08 type_74_71hours_modeling_07 type_74_71hours_modeling_06 type_74_71hours_modeling_05 type_74_71hours_modeling_04 type_74_71hours_modeling_03 type_74_71hours_modeling_02 type_74_71hours_modeling_01 type74_ro11292016_02 type74_ro11292016_01 type_74_ibl_testing_01

MODO Low Resolution Renders

type74_modotexrender_12122016_03 type74_modotexrender_12122016_02 type74_modotexrender_12122016_01

Toolbag 2 Renders

screenshot007 screenshot006 screenshot005 screenshot004 screenshot003